Mighty Soil Farm
Contact: Joe & Kate
Address: N5431 Rock River Road Chatham, MI, 49855
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Phone: 906-439-5770
About Us
Returning to Michigan in 2018 and starting Mighty Soil Farm through MSU’s incubator program in Chatham represents a jumping off point for Kate and Joe that they’ve been planning for and dreaming of for years, and they couldn’t be more excited to get their hands dirty and root themselves in the Upper Peninsula.
We’re certified organic. This means that each year a trained inspector comes to our farm, walks through our fields and facilities, and audits our records. In order to maintain our certification, we need to be able to produce records for any given crop from seed to sale. How did we prepare the bed? Was it direct seeded or transplanted? If it was transplanted, what was the potting mix we used, and did we add anything to it? Did we amend the bed with fertilizer, compost, or other inputs? What did we do to the crop, and when, while it was in the bed? What was our yield, where was it stored, and how much of it did we sell? For the seeds and any inputs we use (fertilizer, compost, etc.) we need to have receipts, and they must be either certified organic or approved for use by the certifying agency. All of this helps us be the best farmers we can be, and it helps our customers know that our produce is safe. For more, head over to this post in our Farm News section.

We employ methods to improve plant immunity by providing each plant with the nutrients and care that they need. This begins with the soil. Our primary method for maintaining and improving soil fertility is applying generous amounts of finished compost. With proper soil structure and the diverse nutrients provided by high quality compost, roots grow easily and plants’ cellular structures become complex enough that pests can’t digest them, and they can better resist disease.

We start our transplants in Morgan Composting's germination mix, which produces amazing transplants.

From healthy soil comes healthy plants; from healthy plants come healthy people; from healthy people comes a thriving community.