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Superior Home Farm
Contact: Rudy & Stephani
Address: 16164 US Highway 41 Rapid River, MI, 49878
Phone: 906-241-4147
About Us
Rudy, Stephanie, and family have been raising their own food fr many years on their small hobby farm with dreams of running a much larger farm or ranch. Both Rudy and Stephanie come from several generations of farmers and ranchers that have farmed or ranched in several states from california to North Dakota, I guess you could sau it's in their DNA. The farm is a family run business and the children love to help, following along in their parents footsteps, learning the meaning of hard work and the reward of being able to provide good healthy food for the family table as well as for others.
Superior Home Farm is using the same process as Superior Angus (their predecessor) of raising beef sustainably on the farm pastures and finishing with locally sourced grains from the UP to sell only the best local Angus beef. We have found that the clean water and sweet grass found on the farm produce a superior meat in both tenderness and in flavor!