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Seeds & Spores Family Farm
Contact: Jeff & Leanne
Address: 724 Greenfield Road Marquette, MI, 49855
Phone: 906-458-8616
About Us
Seeds and Spores is a small farm located in Chocolay Township, 12 miles south of Marquette, Michigan. Our mission is to provide healthy, local food to our community while also caring for the environment. We have been farming in the area for twenty-seven years, and with each passing year, our operation evolves along with our community's desire for local, organic food.
Our main focus is growing five acres of vegetables. Everything is grown from seed to harvest at the farm using authentic farming techniques. We believe that good food starts from good soil and have built a healthy, living soil by adding minerals, kelp, Bio-Dynamic preparations, and compost to our fields. We utilize cover crops for green manure and field rotations as well. In addition to the vegetables, we grow medicinal and culinary herbs, fruit, and shiitake mushrooms.

We also raise heritage breed hogs, beef cattle, and laying hens. The cattle are exclusively grass fed on lush pastures and overwintered on organic hay. Our pasture raised hogs and chickens are supplemented with organic feed freshly ground and mixed here on the farm.

Since the beginning of our farm adventure, we have been dedicated to producing "beyond organic" food. We do not use chemical herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), antibiotics, or hormones on the farm.