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Rozie's Foods
Contact: Rose Pietila
City: Marquette, MI, 49855
Phone: 906-475-9025
About Us
The story of Rozie's RelSa began in the year 2000. Rozie lives in a small community called "Suomi Location," four miles south of Palmer in the beautiful Upper Peninsula. She lives on what is referred to as a "40;" in other words, lots of garden space. She has always had a passion for gardening and canning. One day she wondered how certain veggies and spices would taste if blended together. Instead of cucumbers, Rozie used peppers as her base vegetable, and her first product -- RelSa -- was born.

Rozie discovered that RelSa made everything taste better, from tuna fish sandwiches to salmon to pasties to steaks and even pizza. Her food went from good to great.