Traunik Farm
Contact: Mike and Erika Osier
Address: E 3262 H-44 Road Traunik, MI, 49891
Phone: 906-458-1881
About Us
Traunik Farm is a 3 year old organic farm located in beautiful Traunik MI and at The Northfarm in Chatham as part of the Farm Business Incubator Program. We plan to fully transition to our own 40 acre plot over the course of our time in the program. We are focused on the 9 staple crops, ginger and some surprises. Our crops include: Nancy Butterbibb Lettuce, Suncrest Romaine, Red Iceberg lettuce, Bolero Carrots, Garden Gem and Damsel Tomatoes, Flat of Italy, Yankee and Redwing Onions, Nokya Cucumbers, Provider Bush Beans and Inchelium Red and Uncle Hanks Garlic. We plan to have an extensive selection of fresh herbs this year including: Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Parsley and Artemesia. If your operation is interested in working with us to become your contract grower of any specialty crop, let's talk! We offer competitive prices as well as convenient invoicing and delivery options. Contact Mike at or 906-458-1881 to arrange deliveries to anywhere in the tri-county area. (minimum order may be required)
We are a fully organic farm who is not yet certified. We comply with all National Organic Program (NOP) standards including record keeping and only using products approved by Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI). We plan to become Certified Organic in the 2024 growing season. We believe in regenerative agriculture and use cover crops, prairie strips, and minimally invasive tillage to maintain soil health. We have been through Produce Safety Alliance food safety training for growers, we wash and pack in a GAP certified facility and have a written food safety plan available for review on request.